September 10: Simon Dubnow

Simon Dubnow, one of the founders of modern Jewish historical scholarship and a prolific memoirist and essayist about secular Jewish life and politics in Eastern Europe, was murdered at age 81 by the Nazis during the liquidation of the Riga Ghetto on this date in 1941. Dubnow was an advocate the Haskalah, or Jewish Enlightenment, […]

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September 18: The Nazi-Hunter

Elliot Welles (Kurt Sauerquell), who headed the Anti-Defamation League’s Task Force on Nazi War Criminals from its founding in 1979 until 2003, was born in Vienna on this date in 1927. He and his mother Anna were deported by the Nazis to Riga, where they executed Anna on a transport bus. Welles then spent years […]

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October 11: Trading Cigarettes for Jews

For the second day in a row, on this date in 1943, Yanis Lipke, a former dock worker in the port of Riga, Latvia, saved three Jews from the Riga ghetto by offering Latvian fascist guards two packs of cigarettes for “some Yids to work in my kitchen garden.” Having witnessed extensive brutality against Jews […]

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