Sanity for Jewish Mothers and Their Kids

Discussed in this essay: Mamaleh Knows Best: What Jewish Mothers Do To Raise Successful, Creative, Empathic, Independent Children, by Marjorie Ingall. Harmony Books, NY, 2016, 239 pages. by D. Yael Bernhard “IS THIS the hill you want to die on?” So asks author and Forward and Tablet columnist Marjorie Ingall in her thought-provoking book on […]

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Channel Esther: Bad Grandparenting

by Esther Cohen SATURDAY night we invited our neighbors down the hall for some champagne they are young they are blond they have two boys sixteen months apart in October they’ll have a third boy we like them a lot they are elevator friends I wanted them to tell us what their parents did right […]

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Adoption and Anti-Semitism

by Janet Ruth Falon The families referred to us as “those people.” My husband and I were about to adopt a newborn boy, but the extended family of the biological father convinced him to keep the baby, in part, we learned, because we’re Jews. They grilled us at a very tense meeting in a Chinese restaurant. When […]

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