January 27: The Geochemist and the Nazis

Victor Moritz Goldschmidt, a Norwegian scientist considered to be the father of modern geochemistry and inorganic crystal chemistry, was born in Zurich on this date in 1888. Goldschmidt, the son of generations of rabbis, achieved fame as a young man (he had his doctorate by age 23) investigating the chemistry of minerals and the origins […]

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Drawing a Red Line Around Netanyahu

An Editorial From the Autumn, 2012 issue of Jewish Currents   HOWEVER MUCH ISRAEL’S PRIME MINISTER HAS TRIED TO INFLUENCE the U.S. presidential election on behalf of Mitt Romney (an old acquaintance from their days as CEOs-in-training with the Boston Consulting Group, in 1976), we have little doubt that two-thirds or more of the American […]

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September 9: Mutual Recognition

The Palestine Liberation Organization officially recognized the right of Israel to exist “in peace and security” on this date in 1993, and Israel, in turn, recognized the PLO as the representative of the Palestinian people. In a letter to Prime Minister Yitzkhak Rabin, PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat affirmed the Oslo Accords as a “historic event, […]

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