Why Jerusalem? Why Not Beijing? Or Washington DC?

by Dan Brook   GIDEON ARONOFF, the leader of Ameinu, was wise in saying that truth is not always wisdom. Of course Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, as is universally known. What other city would be its capital? But East Jerusalem is also the future capital of Israeli-occupied Palestine, as is perhaps less universally known. […]

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STAT$: Guess How Much Museum Guards Are Earning

THE WORKING POOR AND THEIR FUTURE by Allan Lichtenstein   I HAVE BEEN READING Sinclair Lewis’ 1935 novel, It Can’t Happen Here. Early in the book, Doremus Jessop, the lead character, stops for gasoline at a garage at which Karl Pascal works. Pascal remarks: “[W]hat burns me up is the fact that even before this Depression, in what you folks called […]

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