Hypocrisy versus Democracy

The Republican Betrayal of America An Editorial The achievements are compromised but significant: thirty-two million more Americans, including people with chronic diseases, finally to have health insurance; two sensible women added to the Supreme Court; the American auto industry rescued from self-destruction; Bush’s grotesque folly of a war in Iraq being wound down; Israelis and […]

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March 19: Rabbi Arnold Jacob Wolf

Rabbi Arnold Jacob Wolf, a staunch anti-war and pro-civil rights activist, was born on this date in Chicago in 1924. From 1957 until 1972 he held the pulpit at a synagogue he founded, Congregation Solel in Highland Park, where Martin Luther King, Jr. and defendants in the Chicago Seven conspiracy trial were invited to speak. […]

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Withdraw from Afghanistan Now

The following is a “Viewpoint” piece by our magazine’s editorial board member, Barnett Zumoff. Dr. Zumoff is a retired general in the U.S. Air Force Reserve and was a four-time president of the Workmen’s Circle. The piece appears in the hot-off-the-presses Winter, 2009 issue of Jewish Currents. By Barnett Zumoff The Obama Administration is currently […]

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The Tenacity of Jewish Liberalism

An Editorial More than three quarters of Jewish voters chose Barack Obama on Election Day. That is one of many achievements wrought by our Community Organizer-in-Chief even before his inauguration. 

No other minority group but African-Americans heeded Obama’s call for change in such resounding numbers. The tenacity of American Jewish liberalism was once again affirmed, […]

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It's Our War Now

An Editorial For nearly five years, many liberal-minded Americans have viewed the war in Iraq as “Bush’s war” — launched on false pretexts at the prompting of neoconservative fantasists, in pursuit of oil and imperial goals, and in defiance of some ten million demonstrators worldwide. “Bush lied, thousands died,” says the bumper sticker. All true. […]

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