Bopping in the Balkans

WELL, IN SLOVENIA, ANYWAY by Lawrence Bush THERE’S SOME KIND of car-horn concert going on in the streets of central Ljubljana this morning, so I just climbed back down and up 10 flights of stairs to our apartment to find out out what it is. Firemen on strike, blasting air-horns — a very musical-sounding strike. The young man […]

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O My America: The White House Sideshow

UNDER THE BIG TOP IS WHAT COUNTS by Lawrence Bush   YES, IT’S MORE THAN LIKELY that Russia’s government colluded with some Trump cronies last year to make Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee look like the head and body of a corrupt political machine. But how much should progressives care that Russian hackers let that cat out […]

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O My America: My Favorite Shikse

by Lawrence Bush I’VE BEEN in love with Rickie Lee Jones for 38 years, because of her unfailingly creative and original music. There, I just had to say that, after seeing her in concert in New Jersey last night. She started by asking, “Where exactly am I tonight?” (She’s on tour.) I patted my chest. […]

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