March 11: The Roxy Theater

Movie house impresario Samuel Lionel “Roxy” Rothafel opened the 5,920-seat Roxy Theater in New York on this date in 1927, showing the silent film The Love of Sunya, produced by and starring Gloria Swanson. The Roxy became known as the “Cathedral of the Motion Picture.” During the 1920s, Rothafel was the manager and publicist for […]

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January 20: Singing Cowboys

In Old Arizona, the first talkie movie shot outdoors (and the first to feature a “singing cowboy”), was released on this date in 1929. It was based on an O. Henry story about the Cisco Kid and was co-directed by Irving Cummings (Camisky), a popular actor-turned-director (Raoul Walsh, the original director, was injured in a […]

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