Franz Boas and the Progressive Spirit

How the “Father of Anthropology” Fought Social Darwinism by Alan McGowan When Franz Uri Boas (1858-1942) emigrated to the United States from Germany in 1886, Social Darwinism was at its peak and anthropology was largely a racist discipline devoted to sanctioning colonialism. “Experts” portrayed European civilization and its peoples as superior to all others, and […]

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A Tradition of Solidarity

Black-Jewish Relations in the Pages of Jewish Currents by Rokhl Kaffrisen I VOTED FOR OBAMA. If you’re reading Jewish Currents, you probably did, too. Throughout the past century, American Jews have voted overwhelmingly for Democrats, and in this election, more than three-quarters of American Jews did so. The surprising statistic is that my so-called peers, […]

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Morris U. Schappes, 1907-2004

by Lawrence Bush MORRIS U. SCHAPPES, WHO EDITED and maintained the life of this magazine from 1958 until 2000, died in his Manhattan home on June 3rd. He was 97 years old. Morris served on the editorial board when Jewish Currents was Jewish Life, a magazine sponsored by the Communist Party for the first dozen […]

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