Jack Weinstein and the Nuclear Arsenal

General Jack Weinstein dismissed nine officers in charge of the nuclear arsenal at the Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana on this date in 2014, over a scandal involving cheating on exams that are designed to test people’s capacity to handle “emergency war orders” that involve the targeting and launching of missiles. The dismissals took […]

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Pie in the Sky

Eye in the Sky and the Propaganda of Drone Warfare by Martha and Marty Roth Reviewed in this essay: Eye in the Sky, directed by Gavin Hood. Bleecker Street Media, 2015, 103 minutes. THE NEW drone-kill film Eye in the Sky mobilizes major star power and technical virtuosity to persuade its viewers of a number […]

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OpEdge: The Ethics of Killing People Efficiently

by Marc Jampole Reading “Robot Weapons: What’s the Harm?” by Jerry Kaplan, who is a Stanford University teacher of the ethics of artificial intelligence, made me wonder what the heck does the term “ethics of artificial intelligence” mean? I would think that artificial intelligence — like any other technology — has no ethics, which is […]

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