September 9: The Romans Seize Rabbi Akiva

Rabbi Akiva ben Joseph, among the most brilliant, original, and humane of the rabbis whose lives are recounted in the Talmud, was taken captive by the Romans on this date (5 Tishrei) in 134 CE, according to Jewish religious reckoning, and would be tortured and executed five days later. The legend of Akiva is of […]

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April 1: The Red Sea Splits

The Red Sea miraculously split on this date in 1313 BCE, allowing the fleeing Hebrew slaves, seven days gone from Egypt, to rush across before the waters closed up and drowned Pharaoh’s pursuing cavalry — this according to the Biblical schedule of time as calculated by the Lubavitcher hasidic movement. According to the Midrash, Nachshon, […]

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