Jack Benny

Jack Benny (Benjamin Kubelsky) was born in Chicago, Illinois, on this date in 1894. His parents were immigrants from Poland and Lithuania. One of America’s favorite comedians in vaudeville, on radio and TV, and in film, Benny was married to Sadye Marks, who some say was a cousin of the Marx Brothers and who played his […]

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July 5: What’s Up, Doc?

Bugs Bunny’s signature phrase, “What’s up, Doc?”, was trademark registered on this date in 1988. Created by Isidor Friz Freleng of Leon Schlesinger Studio (which later merged with Warner Brothers), Bugs had his official debut (with Elmer Fudd) in 1940 and was voiced for nearly half a century by Mel Blanc. Bugs has appeared in more […]

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April 17: Daffy Duck

Daffy Duck made his first appearance on this date in 1937 as a bit player in “Porky’s Duck Hunt,” starring Porky Pig. Mel Blanc provided the voice for Daffy, and would do so for 52 years, a world record. In the hands of various cartoon directors, Daffy proved to be a very elastic character, but […]

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