Emma Goldman’s Ice Cream Shop

by Zachary Solomon   IT WAS JOHANN MOST, the anarchist who popularized the phrase “propaganda of the deed” to describe leftwing terrorism, who helped inspire Emma Goldman and Alexander (“Sasha”) Berkman in their attempt to assassinate steel magnate Henry Clay Frick in 1892. Yet by the time the attack would become news (and Berkman would spend fourteen years in prison for it), Most was its outspoken critic, […]

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June 17: Aaron Lansky

Aaron Lansky, the founder of the National Yiddish Book Center (NYBC), was born in New Bedford, Massachusetts on this date in 1956. Lansky began collecting discarded Yiddish books in the 1970s while studying the language as a graduate student at McGill University. He soon assembled a crew of zamlers (collectors) and formally established his not-for-profit […]

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