Is Luke Skywalker a Non-Jewish Jew?

by Aaron Dorman   I HEREBY DECLARE Luke Skywalker an honorary mentsh! I will be watching the new “Star Wars” film, The Last Jedi — Luke Skywalker’s first “talkie” in over thirty years —with great interest and great trepidation. That’s because, more than ever, he may be our only hope. We live in an age devoid of […]

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March 7: Every Boy Wants a Remco Toy

Isaac Heller, co-founder with his cousin Saul Robbins of Remco Industries, which converted military surplus material into action toys (Remco was a redaction of “remote control”), died at 88 on this date in 2015. Remco’s products included the Dick Tracy wrist radio, the Whirlybird helicopter, the Barracuda atomic submarine, the Johnny Reb cannon, Mr. Kelly’s […]

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Mirror and Enigma: The Talmud’s Buddy Movie

Models of Masculinity by Susan Reimer-Torn WOULD ANY ATTEMPT to profile the Jewish male lapse into an irritating stereotype? Probably. But the rabbis of the Talmud do not flinch from examining issues of masculinity, and their portrait of the ideal male has left an imprint on Jewish cultural assumptions to this day. Some aspects of […]

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