Premature Anti-Fascism

LOOKING BACK AT THE SPANISH CIVIL WAR by Bennett Muraskin Published in the Summer 2016 issue of Jewish Currents Discussed in this essay: Spain in Our Hearts: Americans in the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1938, by Adam Hochschild. Princeton University Press, 2016, 288 pages. FOR THE AMERICAN LEFT, the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939, was a noble […]

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Saving Children in Buchenwald

Saved by the German Leftwing Underground, as Recounted by a Jewish Survivor by John Ranz From the Autumn 2015 special issue of Jewish Currents on the theme, “Honoring the Jewish Resistance.” Originally published in 1993. THERE IS A LARGELY UNWRITTEN STORY, known to Buchenwald survivors like me, that needs to be told. It is the […]

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December 13: From Prisoner to Prime Minister

After two years of imprisonment in Buchenwald and Dachau, Léon Blum became prime minister of France for the third time on this date in 1946. The first Jew and first socialist to have served in that position, Blum remained in the country after the Nazi invasion and used his 1942 treason trial to excoriate the […]

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