The Jewish Chicken Farmers of Petaluma: Why Remember?

Part One by Kenneth Kann   FIRST, ASTONISHMENT. Then outrage. Mine. I was viewing “California Dreaming,” a 2013 exhibit on Bay Area Jewish history at San Francisco’s eminent Contemporary Jewish Museum. The exhibit included the story of an extraordinary Jewish chicken ranching community in Petaluma, thirty-five miles north of San Francisco. This museum exhibit was false: […]

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Joe and Me: Two Generations on the Left

by Kenneth Kann WE SAT ARGUING AT JOE’S KITCHEN TABLE, with my tape recorder ready for an interview session. Joe had called our publisher to demand that they replace me with another writer for his autobiography. I flung pencils at the wall in exasperation. We were fighting about an attack on Ukrainian peasants. By Jews. […]

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Billy Yalowitz’s “East Towards Home”

by Joel Shatzky The script of Billy Yalowitz’s multi-media paean to Woody Guthrie and the Jewish-American left, “East Towards Home,” contains a great deal of nostalgia for this reviewer. Using four characters — Woody Guthrie; Sylvie, the politically committed dancer, roughly modeled after Woody’s second wife; Marjorie (nee Greenblatt), the Teller, who does much of […]

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