My Jewish Question, My Father

by Dale M. Kushner TWENTY YEARS AGO, I was completely unaware of any relationship between my writing and my experience of being Jewish. Ten years ago, I might have felt a vague stirring of the connection, but had no sense of its depth. Now, working on a second novel, I look back at what I […]

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Shirley Temple and Me

by Florence Breiger Many years ago, almost too long to remember, when I was a little girl, my parents, my baby brother, and I lived in a tiny apartment on Rice Street in Chicago. When I say tiny, I mean the apartment consisted of one large room with a big picture window and a sunny alcove […]

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Jewish Journeys: The “Customer Man” — A Love Story

by Violet Snow “When things were bad, my dad would say, ‘A klog tzu Columbusen‘ — ‘A curse on Columbus,’ remembers my father-in-law, Jack Gorelick, whose parents arrived in the U.S. from White Russia in the early 1900s. “When things were good, he’d say ‘Die goldene medina‘—’The golden country.’” Jack’s father, Avram Gorelick, grew up […]

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