Is Luke Skywalker a Non-Jewish Jew?

by Aaron Dorman   I HEREBY DECLARE Luke Skywalker an honorary mentsh! I will be watching the new “Star Wars” film, The Last Jedi — Luke Skywalker’s first “talkie” in over thirty years —with great interest and great trepidation. That’s because, more than ever, he may be our only hope. We live in an age devoid of […]

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August 18: Rescuing Students at Virginia Tech

Dr. Liviu Librescu, an aeronautics engineer who died while holding off the gunman in the 2007 Virginia Tech mass shooting long enough for all but one of his students to escape through a window at his direction, was born in Romania on this date in 1930. He survived the Holocaust as a youth in a […]

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February 13: Henrietta Szold

Henrietta Szold, the founder of Hadassah, died in Jerusalem at 84 on this date in 1945. The eldest of five daughters of a prominent Baltimore rabbi, she led a lifetime of service to the Jewish community that included two decades of (overworked and underpaid) work for the Jewish Publication Society, the founding of the first […]

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