Trump’s Kol Nidre

A SHORT PLAY by Joel Schechter   Characters Donald Trump Jared Kushner Ivanka Trump Anthony Scaramucci Kellyanne Conway   Setting:  White House cloak-and-dagger room. (Hats, coats and daggers are being checked and retrieved and passed around throughout the conversation.) Donald:  They’re telling me I can’t pardon myself. Not that I need a pardon …. until […]

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David Friedman’s Embrace of the Occupation

A GREAT RECRUITING TOOL FOR ISIS by Allan C. Brownfeld DURING THE PRESIDENTIAL campaign, Donald Trump took a strong stand against ISIS, which he pledged to defeat. Now he has announced his choice for ambassador to Israel, his bankruptcy attorney, David Friedman. Friedman has strong ties with Israel’s extreme rightwing and is a vocal opponent […]

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