Liberated by a Segregated Battalion

The U.S. Army’s 522nd Field Artillery Battalion, a segregated unit of Japanese Americans and Japanese Hawaiians, liberated 3,000 prisoners, most of them Jews, in the Kaufering Lager IV, a slave-labor camp that was a satellite of Dachau, on this date in 1945. “While the 522nd FAB covered 1,100 miles in their movement through Germany,” notes […]

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January 24: The “Immigration Pogrom”

More than 130 Jewish labor groups sent representatives to a New York protest meeting against the Johnson-Reed Act, which severely restricted immigration to the U.S. from Southern and Eastern Europe as well as Africa — and banned outright the entry of all Asians and Arabs — on this date in 1924. Fiorello LaGuardia branded the […]

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