“Let Us Now Praise Famous Men” Revisited

MY FIFTEEN SECONDS OF FAUX FAME AND THE DANGEROUS CULT OF CELEBRITY by Sidney Finehirsh   AS I WALKED down Mass Ave in Cambridge several years ago, I was “recognized” as the celebrated Boston Red Sox third baseman. “Ain’t you Wade Boggs?” Immediately I smiled, thinking this guy must be extremely nearsighted. Still, I somehow felt […]

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Trump’s Kol Nidre

A SHORT PLAY by Joel Schechter   Characters Donald Trump Jared Kushner Ivanka Trump Anthony Scaramucci Kellyanne Conway   Setting:  White House cloak-and-dagger room. (Hats, coats and daggers are being checked and retrieved and passed around throughout the conversation.) Donald:  They’re telling me I can’t pardon myself. Not that I need a pardon …. until […]

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