A Jew Among Christian Peacemakers, Part 4

Privilege by Simone Zelitch Read other installments in this series. TOWARDS THE END of our time in Hebron, Christian Peacemaker Team (CPT) staff member Mona sat us down for a session called “Undoing Oppression.” She joined our delegation leader Amy, who asked us a series of questions. We were told to give a gut-response and […]

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The View from East Jerusalem

by Hillel Schenker Reprinted with the author’s permission from the Times of Israel A TERRIBLE DAY IN JERUSALEM. The vicious, tragic, early morning terrorist attack against Orthodox Jews during the morning prayer at the Har Nof Synagogue in West Jerusalem set the stage for another very sad and deadly day in the spiral of violence […]

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April 13: The Medical Convoy Massacre

A convoy of Jewish doctors, nurses, patients, teachers, and Haganah fighters was attacked by Arab forces en route to Hadassah Hospital on Mount Scopus on this date in 1948, bringing death to eighty people, including twenty women, one British soldier, and Dr. Chaim Yassky, director of the hospital. “Since Jews have been attacking us and […]

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