Stat$: The State of America, Income Inequality

by Allan Lichtenstein WITH ABOUT eight weeks before the presidential election, the conversation has changed radically from that heading into the Democratic Party’s convention a few weeks back. Many had hoped that Bernie Sanders “revolution” would pull the Democratic Party to the left, paving the way for a progressive agenda if Hillary Clinton is elected. […]

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Why We Can’t Afford the Rich

by Dusty Sklar Discussed in this essay: Why We Can’t Afford the Rich, by Andrew Sayer. Policy Press at the University of Bristol (reissued by Policy Press, c/o University of Chicago Press), paperback edition, 2016, 448 pages. WHO ARE THE RICH, and why can’t we afford them? It’s a long story, according to Andrew Sayer, […]

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Incivility Gonna Get Your Mama!

The Media’s Feel-Good Crusade for Polite Discourse by George Salamon “Is civility an absolute value, to be adhered to at whatever cost?” —Nat Hentoff, “Dangerous Men,” Village Voice, February 21, 1970 HENTOFF RECEIVED a clear “yes” answer, as far as courtroom behavior goes, when he asked this question (while covering the Chicago Seven trial): In […]

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