O My America: Can the Left Repair Itself?

by Lawrence Bush Discussed in this essay: The Once and Future Liberal: After Identity Politics, by Mark Lilla, HarperCollins, 2017, 143 pages.  Beyond the Messy Truth: How We Came Apart, How We Come Together, by Van Jones, Ballantine Books, 2017, 233 pages.   IS THE UNEXPECTED VICTORY of Doug Jones over Roy Moore in Alabama’s Senate race in […]

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Towards A “Truly Disadvantaged Alliance”

by Myriam Miedzian Photo credit Pax Ahimsa Gethen   SLAVERY WAS AN OPPRESSION unique to black Americans, who are and have since the end of slavery been the victims of systematic and extreme racism. Other groups have suffered as well, but not remotely as severely. That is why the “People of Color” (PoC) phrase is problematic. It lumps together […]

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Learning from the Trump Tragedy

ANALYZING WHITE WORKING-CLASS RESENTMENTS by Myriam Miedzian   AT SOME POINT in 2016, when it became apparent that a Trump presidency was not a joke but a serious threat to democracy, I was one of many on the left who were deeply perplexed. How could so many working-class and middle-class people be so stupid as to […]

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