Emma Goldman’s Ice Cream Shop

by Zachary Solomon   IT WAS JOHANN MOST, the anarchist who popularized the phrase “propaganda of the deed” to describe leftwing terrorism, who helped inspire Emma Goldman and Alexander (“Sasha”) Berkman in their attempt to assassinate steel magnate Henry Clay Frick in 1892. Yet by the time the attack would become news (and Berkman would spend fourteen years in prison for it), Most was its outspoken critic, […]

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Why Berkman Shot Frick

Nine steelworkers and at least one Pinkerton guard were killed in battles that raged on this date in 1892 at Andrew Carnegie’s Homestead Steel Works in Pittsburgh. The Pinkertons had been brought in to protect scabs imported to replace striking workers; the conflict involved guns and a homemade cannon forged by the strikers. The strike would last for months until the courts crushed the […]

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July 25: The Anarchist Menage a Trois

Modska Aronstam (Modest Stein), an anarchist artist who lived in a ménage a trois with Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman, his first cousin, arrived in Pittsburgh on this date in 1892 to assassinate steel magnate Henry Clay Frick, whom Berkman had wounded in an attack three days earlier in solidarity with the Homestead Steel strikers. […]

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