How Obama and Hillary Clinton Failed as Politicians

by Ralph Seliger COMPARED TO REPUBLICANS, Democrats are shockingly bad at “doing politics.” (See this December 14 New York Times op-ed, “Buck Up, Democrats, and Fight Like Republicans,” by Dahlia Lithwick and David S. Cohen.) For example, why isn’t the public being reminded ad nauseam of Hillary Clinton’s three-million-vote lead over Trump? With the exception […]

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Uber Über alles?

On-demand Labor in the Gig Economy by Seth Sandronsky IN AN ECONOMIC policy speech in July 2015, Hillary Clinton, then Democratic front-runner and now the presumptive nominee, introduced many Americans to the new term “gig economy” The phrase, apparently coined in 2009 and used rather interchangeably with terms like “1099 economy” and “on demand economy,” […]

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The Uncivil Servant: America, Seen from the Antipodes

by Mitchell Abidor Andy Blunden is an independent scholar in Melbourne, Australia. A Hegelian who frequently lectures on the German thinker and has published many books on philosophy, he is also an administrator of the Marxists Internet Archive. Andy is a longtime political activist who left Australia for England in 1966 after burning his draft […]

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