To Create More Jobs, Tax the Job Creators More!

THE MORE UNCLE SAM TAKES, THE MORE THEY’LL WANT by Gary Ferdman   LAST WEEK, Donald Trump’s chief economic advisor Gary Cohn gave new meaning to the term “speaking truth to power” by proclaiming: “The most excited group out there are big CEOs, about our tax plan.” Ever since 1974, when conservative economist Arthur Laffer sketched his infamous […]

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OpEdge: The Accidental President

A NATIONAL EMBARRASSMENT AND A NATIONAL TRAGEDY by Marc Jampole IN IMAGINING presidential candidates at the beginning of 2016, if someone had said to me that an erratic and narcissistic sociopath would garner even a million votes, I would have considered it a national embarrassment, regardless of that candidate’s political stances. Same feeling if even […]

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Wall Street and Jewish Ethical Identity

Jews and the Financial Meltdown by George Salamon “We are doing God’s work.” —Lloyd Blankfein, CEO, Goldman Sachs “How odd of God/To choose the Jews.” —William Norman Ewer, British journalist We know that versions of the second thought ran through the minds of some moviegoers as they watched Inside Job, the award-winning 2010 documentary about […]

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