O My America: The White House Sideshow

UNDER THE BIG TOP IS WHAT COUNTS by Lawrence Bush   YES, IT’S MORE THAN LIKELY that Russia’s government colluded with some Trump cronies last year to make Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee look like the head and body of a corrupt political machine. But how much should progressives care that Russian hackers let that cat out […]

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EARTH to Trump

WHEN IT COMES TO THE ENVIRONMENT, CITIES, STATES, AND PEOPLE ARE IN MOTION An Editorial from our Summer 2017 issue THE UNITED STATES  is the oldest constitutional republic in the world  (except for the tiny Italian microstate of San Marino). Given that durability, it’s not wishful to believe that the country’s basic political system is strong […]

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October 12: The Bombing of Atlanta’s Temple

The Hebrew Benevolent Congregation Temple on Peachtree Street in Atlanta, Georgia was bombed by white supremacists on this date in 1958. Known simply as “The Temple,” the synagogue, with some 1,000 members, was led by Rabbi Jacob Rothschild, an outspoken advocate of civil rights and integration, and a friend to the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. […]

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