Antisemitism in Populist History

by Dusty Sklar THE ANTISEMITISM that has been surging to the surface since Donald Trump became President is in keeping with a tradition of rightwing populist rhetoric that has embraced antisemitism since the late 19th century. Back then, a number of important populist leaders thought Jews to be at the  heart of the problems faced […]

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January 27: Glenn Beck and the 400 Rabbis

Four hundred rabbis organized by the Jewish Funds for Justice (today’s Bend the Arc) signed an open letter in the Wall Street Journal on this date in 2011 protesting reactionary Fox broadcaster Glenn Beck’s “monstrous” and “beyond repugnant” use of “anti-Semitic imagery” in his numerous attacks on George Soros. Beck had variously called Soros, who […]

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August 12: George Soros

Billionaire investor and politically active philanthropist George Soros (Schwartz György) was born in Budapest on this date in 1930. His father was a writer in Esperanto; Soros is one of some 1,000 native speakers of the international language. A survivor of the 1945 Battle of Budapest (between Nazi and Soviet forces), he emigrated to England […]

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