May 23: Maxime Rodinson, Anti-Zionist, Anti-Islamicist

French Marxist scholar Maxime Rodinson, whose Polish parents died in Auschwitz while he was serving in the French Institute in Damascus, was born in Marseille (some sources say Paris) on this date in 1915. A true iconoclast, he resigned from the French Communist Party in 1958 in the name of anti-authoritarianism; he opposed Zionism as […]

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Le Groupe Manouchian

Betrayed Heroes of the French Resistance? by Mitchell Abidor From the Spring, 2015 issue of Jewish Currents IT WAS LATE FEBRUARY, 1944 when the German Occupation authorities in France decided that the time had come to stage the trial of a group of Resistance fighters they’d captured the previous autumn. Under ordinary circumstances, trials of […]

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