In Defense of Marxism

by Michael Zweig From the Autumn 2017 issue of Jewish Currents To read Sam Friedman’s recent “Why I’m (Still) a Marxist” in Jewish Currents, click here. To read Lawrence Bush’s “Why I’m Not (Still) a Marxist,” click here. To read about Jewish Currents’ communist history, click here.   UNTIL I RETIRED in 2016, I taught an undergraduate course […]

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October 16: Protesting the Tuskegee Study

Dr. Irwin Schatz, the only medical professional to write a letter of protest about the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment — a letter ignored when written but uncovered years later by an investigator, Peter Buxton, who blew the whistle on the experiment — was born to kosher restaurateurs in St. Boniface, Canada on this date in 1931. […]

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Black Liberation and Jewish Identity

From the Spring 2014 issue of Jewish Currents The exploitation and oppression of African Americans have been defining features of our country’s history since the first black slaves were hauled ashore in the Virginia colony in 1619. Black servitude was a keystone of our country’s wealth for more than two centuries, and underpaid black labor […]

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