OpEdge: Making of Our Tables One Table

TRUMP AND THE FEAR OF DIFFERENCE by Marc Jampole   SOMETHING QUITE WONDERFUL happened to my wife and me the other day during our annual public humiliation, which is how we refer to our one trip a year to buy sweet kosher wine — always for our seder. We entered the neighborhood liquor store near Hunter College and sheepishly asked […]

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Immigrant Names and Issues of Assimilation

OBSERVATIONS ON CONTEMPORARY NAMING PRACTICES by Joel Shatzky As an adjunct professor at Kingsborough Community College/CUNY for the last decade (after a thirty-seven year career at SUNY, Cortland), I have noticed trends in students’ names that seem to reveal their parents’ desire to establish a sense of identity distinctly of their own choice. This is in some […]

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O My America: 150 Million Jews!

A FRIEND OF MINE who works in the civil and human rights field in New York recently asked a class he was teaching what percentage of America they thought was Jewish. Their answers ranged from 20 percent to over 50 percent. The students themselves, would-be social workers and organizers, were a mixed lot, about 70 […]

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