Writing for Children about the Holocaust

AN INTERVIEW WITH MICHELLE BISSON, AUTHOR OF “HEDY’S JOURNEY” by Jacob L. Perl   “She and I talked about the Holocaust a lot over the years, but I, also for many years, did not understand. I just thought that she was obsessive and talked too much about it. And then when she died … Something […]

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Barbra Streisand’s Israel Omission

by Ron Skolnik MILLIONS of American Jews have traditionally regarded Israel as the ultimate backup plan. While relatively few have chosen to live there (and many of those who do end up returning to America), Israel has always been cherished as a place of refuge, the go-to country if, Heaven forbid, the situation in the […]

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April 21: Baron de Hirsch

Baron Maurice de Hirsch, the German Jewish philanthropist who, before the Zionist movement was launched, took great interest in turning the Jews into an agricultural people, died at 65 on this date in 1896. Baron de Hirsch was the founder and funder of the Jewish Colonization Association, which brought thousands of mostly impoverished Jews from […]

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