A Cornucopia of Yiddish Stories

by Bennett Muraskin Discussed in this essay: Have I Got a Story For You: More than a Century of Fiction from the Forward, edited by Ezra Glinter. W.W. Norton, 2017, 433 pages. IT IS A TRIBUTE to the Jewish love of the written word that the Yiddish Forward newspaper regularly published Yiddish literature. More than […]

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August 12: The Night of the Murdered Poets

The Stalin regime murdered thirteen Jewish writers and cultural leaders on this date in 1952, known as “The Night of the Murdered Poets.” All of them had served on the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee, established at the close of 1941, six months after the Nazi attack on the USSR, with the aim of soliciting material and […]

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Proletpen and American Yiddish Poetry

How the Left was Excluded from the Yiddish Canon by Dovid Katz History, they say, is written by the victors. That is the case not only for the military history of nation-states; it can even apply within the heritage of stateless minority cultures and in the university study of their literatures, where there should theoretically […]

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