A Jewish Cultural Manifesto

by Rokhl Kafrissen I’m a busy woman with no time for nostalgia. My grandparents didn’t have a shop on the Lower East Side, my great uncle didn’t play in a Catskills swing band, and my parents never, ever threatened to disown me if I didn’t marry a Jewish man. Perhaps that’s why I don’t find […]

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Immigrants, Then and Now

Lessons of a 350-Year Heritage by Linda Gritz A country is torn apart by war. A boatload of refugees flees to another land, sparking a debate about whether the refugees should be allowed to stay. Sound familiar? Well, this particular event happened 350 years ago, and the “boat people” were Jews. The first group of […]

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Jews in Latin America: Past and Present

Facing Problems of Social Transformation by Paul Horowitz Originally published in the September, 1981 issue of Jewish Currents Reviewed in this Essay: Jews of the Latin American Republics, by Judith Laikin Elkin. University of North Carolina Press, 1980, 313 pages. IN THE EARLY 1970S THE EARLY CHILEAN RIGHT Tried to focus middle-class and elite anger, unleashed […]

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