Make Her Do It

Can Bernie’s Movement Pressure Clinton to Tack Left? An editorial from the Summer 2016 issue of Jewish Currents THE STORY GOES that President Franklin Roosevelt, at the conclusion of a 1940 meeting with A. Philip Randolph about overturning racial discrimination in the defense industry, told the black labor leader: “I agree with you. Now go […]

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The Iran Index

Who’s Backing the Deal by Nicholas Jahr The Iran deal has unleashed a feeding frenzy of op-eds, as everyone weighs in on centrifuge storage and uranium enrichment and breakout time and trust and verification and diplomacy. (The 60-day review period is clearly Congress’ gift to op-editors across the country and around the world.) A few […]

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March 3: Jews in Florida

Florida was admitted to the United States as its 27th state on this date in 1845. Fewer than a hundred Jews lived in Florida at the time (out of a white population of some 66,000) — including David Levy Yulee, one of the new state’s first two senators and the first Jew in the U.S. […]

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