My Lost Florida

A Memoir (1943-2011) by Howard R. Wolf I AM, by NASA’s and National Geographic’s standard, to say nothing of Marco Polo’s, Somerset Maugham’s, and Orwell’s, an ordinary traveler, but life compelled me nonetheless to make a demanding journey over time and space: to visit South Florida innumerable times between 1943 and 2012, with the most poignant […]

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Synchronicity and the Secular Mind

by Alice Radosh From the Summer 2015 issue of Jewish Currents ALMOST A HUNDRED CARDS jammed the narrow box in my rural post office the first few months after my husband’s death. Another hundred greetings were posted on Bart’s memorial website. Messages came from close friends, from his former students, from members of the volunteer […]

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Growing Up in Israel, Part 8

DMW by Ilana Masad Read other installments in this series here. THE DAY my father went to the doctor’s appointment that would tell us if he did or did not have lung cancer, I happened to have several friends sitting in a row on my bed at home. When I heard my parents coming in, […]

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