Big Money versus Democracy

by Dusty Sklar Reviewed in this essay: Nation on the Take: How Big Money Corrupts Our Democracy and What We Can Do About It, by Wendell Potter and Nick Penniman. 2016, Bloomsbury Press, 288 pages. MANY AMERICANS are finally beginning to realize that the game is rigged against them and that the government is often […]

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OpEdge: A Putsch by the Super-Wealthy?

Was Ferdinand Lundberg Right? by Marc Jampole SINCE THE PUBLICATION of Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century, the mainstream news media has been paying attention to the impact of the super-rich on the political system. We see a growing number of candidates for major offices who are multi-millionaires and billionaires without elective experience, such […]

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The Tea Party’s Evil Brew

by Marc Jampole A group of rich industrialists are not happy with the direction in which the country is going, so they give money to support and develop a radical party to push their agenda for smaller government and lower taxes and regulation. But the fringe party they support gets into a position to subvert […]

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