Channel Esther: Infinite Possibilities

By Esther Cohen I AM THE EMBODIMENT OF INFINITE POSSIBLITIES (First Corinthian Baptist Church) A few thousand people (yes) wait in line for the third service of the morning, at the Black Church in Harlem where my South African daughter in law Chesray Dolpha, attends most Sundays. I am not a stranger to religious institutions […]

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September 9: The Talmud Burns in Rome

A committee of six cardinals, led by Giampietro Caraffa, head of the Inquisition in Rome and the future Pope Paul IV, ordered all copies of the Talmud to be confiscated in a house-to-house search of Jewish residences and burned publicly on the Campo de’ Fiori on this date — Rosh Hashone — in 1553. Other […]

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