Of Hoops and Hebrews

HOW JEWS CHANGED BASKETBALL by Mikhail Horowitz   Discussed in This Essay: The Chosen Game: A Jewish Basketball History, by Charley Rosen. University of Nebraska Press, 2017, 208 pages.  Seven-foot Jews in the NBA, slam-dunking! My alarm clock rings.     —Anonymous haiku on the Internet   FOR THE MOST PART the Jewish hoopers chronicled by Charley Rosen […]

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May 10: Daniel Bell

Daniel Bell (Bolotsky), one of the most well-known sociologists of post-war America, who once described himself as a “socialist in economics, a liberal in politics, and a conservative in culture,” was born in New York on this date in 1919. Bell was educated at City College and taught at Columbia and Harvard, from which he […]

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July 25: A 20th-Century Socrates

Morris Raphael Cohen, an encyclopedic savant, philosopher, lawyer, and legal scholar who was chiefly responsible for the City College of New York’s reputation as “the proletarian Harvard,” was born on in Minsk this date in 1880. Educated at CCNY and Harvard, Cohen was the first Jew to teach philosophy at CCNY (from 1912 to 1938), […]

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