Shaul Tchernikhovsky

Hebrew poet Shaul Tchernikhovsky, twice awarded Israel’s Bialik Prize for Literature, was born in Russian Empire on this date in 1875. He became a doctor in 1906 and served as a medical officer in World War I. In 1931 he settled in Palestine, where he would work as doctor for the Tel Aviv schools while writing poetry […]

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January 28: Nahman Avigad in the Old City

Israeli archaeologist Nahman Avigad, who excavated the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem and discovered remnants of the Jewish revolt against Rome that was crushed by Titus, as described in the work of Josephus, died at 86 on this date in 1992. Avigad also worked on excavating Masada as well as the caves […]

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March 10: Poets on Israel’s Currency

The Bank of Israel announced on this date in 2011 that four poets would be featured on the country’s new currency, replacing political figures: Rachel Sela (Rachel the Poetess) on the 20-shekel note; Shaul Tchernichovsky on the 50-shekel note, Leah Goldberg on the 100-shekel note; Natan Alterman on the 200-shekel note. The bills were released […]

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