June 3: Allen Ginsberg

Allen Ginsberg, the author of “Howl,” “Kaddish,” and numerous other stunning poems that brought Jewish and homosexual content, as well as outrage at the inhumanity of modern American capitalism, to the forefront of American intellectual consciousness, was born (first name Irwin) in Newark, New Jersey on this date in 1926. Ginsberg became the most enduring […]

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July 6: Kenneth Koch

The exuberant and funny poet Kenneth Koch (“coke”) died at 77 on this date in 2002. A poet from an early age, he studied with Delmore Schwartz at Harvard in the late 1940s, following extensive military combat in the Pacific during World War II, and became an important member of the so-called “New York School” […]

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September 28: Tuli

Tuli Kupferberg, co-founder of the Fugs and a beloved beat poet, songwriter, anarchist activist, and primitive cartoonist, was born in New York in a Yiddish-speaking household on this date in 1923. Kupferberg’s books included Beatniks; or, The War Against the Beats, 1001 Ways to Beat the Draft, 1001 Ways to Live Without Working, and Teach […]

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