Bibi’s Victory

by Nicholas Jahr NETANYAHU’S LAST MINUTE DECLARATION that the Palestinians have no partner clinched an election that seemed to be slipping away from him, snatching an impressive victory from defeat’s drooling jaws. In truth, anyone who has been paying attention couldn’t be surprised by Bibi’s pronouncement that there would never be a Palestinian state, which […]

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NEXT UP: Occupation or Annexation

It Won’t Be Pretty for Israel or the Palestinians by Ron Skolnik From the Autumn, 2014 issue of Jewish Currents MARTIN INDYK, SPECIAL ENVOY FOR ISRAELI-PALESTINIAN NEGOTIATIONS, made it official on Friday, June 27th: He was resigning and returning to his position at the Brookings Institution in Washington. Obama’s man on the ground had given […]

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Rent, Cottage Cheese, and Peace

What’s Making Israel Tick These Days? by Ron Skolnik From the Autumn, 2011 issue of Jewish Currents WHEN I WORKED for the United Kingdom’s embassy in Tel Aviv as a political analyst during the Oslo and Intifada years, diplomats from the ambassador on down would frequently ask me to help them “figure out the Israelis.” […]

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