Golda’s Missed Opportunities for Peace

by Ralph Seliger AS WE commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of Israel’s remarkable military victory in the Six Day War, June 5-10 of 1967, we note with a heavy heart that it also marks the beginning of Israel’s occupation over a non-Jewish population that neither welcomed nor accepts this situation. Still, Israel’s triumph over numerically superior […]

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Philosophical Posturing on Israel and Palestine

by Ralph Seliger From the Autumn, 2013 issue of Jewish Currents Discussed in this essay: The One-State Condition: Occupation and Democracy in Israel/Palestine by Ariella Azoulay & Adi Ophir, Stanford University Press, 2013, 328 pages. IT’S EASY TO DESPAIR OF A SOLUTION TO THE ISRAELI-PALESTINIAN CONFLICT. Any sensitive observer is properly outraged by human rights […]

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