November 26: Rediscovering the Silk Trail

British archaeologist Marc Aurel Stein, who made four major expeditions to Central Asia between 1900 and 1930 and recovered artifacts from several lost cultures along the historical Silk Trail, was born in Budapest on this date in 1862. Stein became a British citizen in 1904 and was based in India. His expeditions, which were extraordinarily […]

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May 8: Bar Kokhba’s Letters

Fourteen letters written by Bar Kokhba, the messianic leader of Israel’s final uprising against Rome (defeated in 135 CE), were found in a Dead Sea cave by archaeologist Yigael Yadin on this date in 1960. One was written on wood, others on parchment. The defeat of Bar Kohba’s (“son of a star”) rebellion led to […]

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January 15: Jerusalem Razed

The first archaeological evidence that Jerusalem was destroyed by fire by Roman troops in 70 CE, as described by the ancient Jewish historian, Josephus, was uncovered on this date in 1970 by Israeli archaeologist Nahman Avigad as he excavated ruins in the Jewish Quarter of Old Jerusalem. Avigad found two rooms that showed evidence of […]

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