The Darker Truth of “Shithole-Gate”?

by Dick Flacks   SOME PEOPLE are defining “Shithole-Gate” as a minor scandal involving a president’s use of an exceedingly vulgar epithet. That would, however, hardly count as a scandal; we assume that all his predecessors used profanity. Even the seemingly prudish Richard Nixon — we know from his tapes — was freely profane, particularly […]

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May 6: The Chinese Exclusion Act

President Chester A. Arthur signed the Chinese Exclusion Act on this date in 1882. The law shut down for ten years the immigration of Chinese laborers that had begun during the California Gold Rush of 1848 and the building of the transcontinental railroad. The restriction would be extended in ten year chunks until 1902, when […]

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America’s First Illegal Immigrants

by Robert A. Slayton RABBI MARTIN ZIELONKA of Temple Mount Sinai in El Paso, Texas, had to deal with a growing problem, one he expected would worsen: Four Jewish immigrants appeared on his doorstep, coming from Eastern Europe to Mexico (by way of Spain or the Netherlands) and then entering the United States in total […]

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