Aiming Beyond the Status Quo

Breadth of Resistance! Unity of Purpose? An Editorial from the Spring 2017 issue of Jewish Currents FOR THE MAJORITY of Americans who voted against Trump, his lies, his appointments, his executive orders, and his all-around autocratic ugliness have been so appalling that it is easy to infer a broad sense of unity rooted simply in […]

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Cuomo and Antisemitism

by Ron Skolnik ANDREW CUOMO meant well. When, in the wake of the Trump inauguration, a disquieting series of bomb threats menaced Jewish community centers and acts of vandalism struck Jewish cemeteries nationwide, Cuomo’s rejection of antisemitism was commendably swift, impassioned and principled. “New York,” declared the state’s Governor, “has zero tolerance for bias or […]

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Notes from a Small Planet: April 17th

by Basia Yoffe TRUTH HAS POWER. This is especially so when it is difficult but necessary for us to be told, to hear it, to understand it. Unfortunately, the truth about Climate Change has largely been missing from the pronouncements of the Obama Administration. Truth about Climate Change has, in fact, generally not been enunciated […]

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