Doing Business with Hitler

Koch Was Not Alone in Aiding the Nazi War Machine by Dusty Sklar JANE MAYER’S RECENTLY PUBLISHED Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right, is causing a stir. She reports that Fred C. Koch, the father of billionaire rightwing political activists Charles G. and David H. Koch, […]

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A Golden Age of Jewish Architects

by Abbott Gorin From the Spring, 2015 issue of Jewish Currents TEL AVIV’S “WHITE CITY” is declared a World Heritage Site by the United Nations. Moshe Safdie, who designed “Habitat 67” as his McGill graduate thesis for the 1967 Montreal World’s Fair, is hailed as “A Man of the World” by CBS Morning News. Former […]

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People of the Book 101: The Jewish Pope of Literature

Marcel Reich-Ranicki and German Memory by Murray Citron Reviewed in this essay: The Author of Himself, by Marcel Reich-Ranicki. Published as Mein Leben (1999), translated into English by Ewald Osers, Princeton University Press, 2001, 407 pages. IN THE LAST FORTY YEARS of the 20th century, the leading literary critic in Germany was a Jew, born […]

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