RIP (Retire in Peace), Al Franken

by George Salamon   IT DOESN’T MATTER anymore: how many women have stepped forward, how many more might step forward soon to accuse Al Franken of grabbing or groping them. The Senator (D) from Minnesota issued another statement about the much-discussed allegations of “sexual misconduct” he now faces. This is what he said:

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O My America: What To Do About Al Franken?

by Lawrence Bush   EVER SINCE the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke, and wave upon wave of sexual abuse stories have polluted the shores, I’ve been waiting for this righteous uprising of women to be derailed by rightwing drivers of opinion — Oh, come on, can’t you tell the difference between sexual assault and some harmless flirting!. . . […]

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The Iran Index

Who’s Backing the Deal by Nicholas Jahr The Iran deal has unleashed a feeding frenzy of op-eds, as everyone weighs in on centrifuge storage and uranium enrichment and breakout time and trust and verification and diplomacy. (The 60-day review period is clearly Congress’ gift to op-editors across the country and around the world.) A few […]

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