Abba Eban, “Voice of Israel”

Israel’s peerless diplomat, Abba Eban, the so-called “Voice of Israel,” died on this date in 2002. Born Aubrey Solomon in South Africa (1915) to Lithuanian Jewish immigrant parents, he served simultaneously as ambassador to both the United Nations and United States during Israel’s first decade of independence, and evoked great pride in Jews worldwide due to […]

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Golda’s Missed Opportunities for Peace

by Ralph Seliger AS WE commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of Israel’s remarkable military victory in the Six Day War, June 5-10 of 1967, we note with a heavy heart that it also marks the beginning of Israel’s occupation over a non-Jewish population that neither welcomed nor accepts this situation. Still, Israel’s triumph over numerically superior […]

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Einstein for President

Albert Einstein and the Zionist Movement by Dusty Sklar ALBERT EINSTEIN’S relationship to Judaism, Jews, Zionism, and Israel was complicated. His parents were secular Jews, but they weren’t thrilled to see their son influenced by Catholic dogma at Munich’s Catholic elementary school, where he was the only Jewish child. They commissioned a distant relative to […]

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