January 24: The “Immigration Pogrom”

More than 130 Jewish labor groups sent representatives to a New York protest meeting against the Johnson-Reed Act, which severely restricted immigration to the U.S. from Southern and Eastern Europe as well as Africa — and banned outright the entry of all Asians and Arabs — on this date in 1924. Fiorello LaGuardia branded the […]

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November 27: The First Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

Macy’s acquired the Thanksgiving Day Parade launched by Bamberger’s Department Store in Newark in 1921 and transferred it to New York on this date in 1924, calling it the Macy’s Christmas Parade. (Macy’s would buy Louis Bamberger’s whole business five years later, though they preserved the store’s name.) Gimbel’s, a key competitor to Macy’s, had […]

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